#Spring Beauty – 5 Minute Beauty Routine in 6 Easy Steps

#Spring Beauty - 5 Minute Beauty Routine in 6 Easy Steps
Step #1: Moisturizer
My skin becomes very dry when I cleanse so I used this and overnight my face was rehydrated and it was glowing. It is one of the best oils for all skin types. it doesn’t feel greasy, it goes a long way and last forever. It was worth every penny!
Step #2: Foundation
What I use: mac tinted moisturizer (This is all sold out but you can get it in your local outlet mall)
I love this product because it acts as a foundation. It’s really light weight and doesn’t cake my face up, most of all it looks really natural.
Step #3: Blush
This Blushes come in 6 sets that is very likely to fit any skin tone out there. It very smooth when applying, blends beautifully and the color literally pops. It’s  such a bright and fun which makes it perfect for the spring. These are perfect when traveling because they’re small, compact, and very convenient.
Step #4: Mascara
What I use: Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

This Mascara Stretches, Lengthens, Volumizes your eye lashes. This wet formula captivates every corner of your lashes and gives you the perfect winged-lash effect.
Step #5: Lipstick
What I use: nyx butter gloss
This is perfect for the spring because it gives you that light glossy color, its not sticky, and it pops out your lips.
Step #6: Perfume
What I use: Anything for bath and body works 🙂
Love love love their scents.
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