Happy New Years



Happy New Years guys and Thank you so much for all the love and support 🙂 there’s no word to describe my gratitude 😀




American African Party Outfit

Hey guys, I’m back with more personal post from now on. Woohooo!! Anyway so last night my mom dragged me to an American Cameroonian party, for those of you who don’t know. I was born and raised in Cameroon then moved here when I was 12. So usually at these Cameroonian parties we have different types of dress wear, this one was more of a casual to formal dress wear and I believe next week we’ll be going traditional for our end of the year party, so stay tuned to see me in my traditional African wear J I had so much fun with my mom and brother, in fact I’ve never even seen my mom kill it on the dance floor like she did, I on the other was too shy to dance, but I did dance by myself in the bathroom though lol.

This is what I wore:

I really love this outfit because it was so flowy and it definitely gave me room to move and dance. I paired my pink lace with a navy blue tank top which really went well with my jean vest. *Fun Fact* this jean jack was actually a long sleeve shirt. Both the shirt and the jacket are actually from Goodwill, and together they cost $10 (I know, Cheap!). This high waisted skirt is actually my favorite skirt and I got it from TJ Maxx for $20, my black tights is from Walmart and it cost $5 and my black boots are from target and those cost $30.

I really wanted my eyes to be this fun cherry color, so I thought, why not go pink! But I didn’t want my whole eyes to be pink, so I experimented with purple and it definitely paid off. Which doesn’t happen often because I’m terrible with makeup.

I got this beautiful necklace from goodwill for $7 and it just pulled the whole outfit together. Which I love! Stay tuned for more personal post like my Cameroonian traditional outfit.

Thank you for reading



100 followers!!!! Thank you guys so much :D


Oh my gosh guys, I can’t believe i’m at a hundred followers. This just seems insane to me, like totally crazy. I know it seems like such a small number but this to me means big. It means I’m on my to accomplishing my dreams and its all thanks to you guys.


All of you are are like a second family to me. thank you for liking and commenting on my post. It truly makes me smile when I get a comment saying you like the post or that you relate to it. it truly makes all the hard work pay off.  I’ll be doing a lot of updates on my blog in the very soon with more personal post and a new blog tittle. Basically just expect everything to be different in a very good way.


How are we not going to celebrate without the classic song “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang. Thank you guys again so much and stay tuned cause i’ll be doing my first giveaway soon.

~Merry Christmas!~ Holiday make up step by step

Holiday make up step by step

Gucci eye shadow brush

Just wanted to say merry christmas to my amazing followers. you guys are the best and i hope you day is filled with love and laughter. Don’t forget to eat till your hearts content! lol have a blessed day you guys.